Start to finish production company
(individual services also available)
  • Concept & Marketing Analysis, Goal Breakdown
  • Writing (if applicable)
  • Budgeting
  • Production
  • Editing
  • Sound, score
  • Graphics, titles
  • Media buying services and assistance
Advantages to Sunspot Pictures
  • Emphasis on concept and writing
  • Focus on your end goals
  • High quality, fast turnaround
The Sunspot way
  It all starts with the story. Sunspot Pictures will invent a concept that sells, Flesh out your ideas, and stay true to your design from the development phase all the way through to the post-production phase.
Make it look like it belongs in a movie. Sunspot Pictures specializes in projects with a cinematic, prime-time mien. Whether it's film, television, commercials, or music videos our focus will be on eye catching, unique storytelling that separates your production from the rest.
Focus on what's important. You have an idea to get across, a product to market, an image sell-Sunspot pictures will remain dedicated to that, from conception to broadcast. Your search is at an end. Web, broadcast, new media, or theatrical. Sunspot will have the answers. Expect getting exactly what you need and what you want.